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Malabar Wildflower Honey

This exotic wildflower honey is produced by native bees foraging the lush green terrains of Malabar region - home to a diverse variety of spices, herbs and plants that are used across the world to create great tasting food and potent natural remedies.

Mustard Honey

This light amber honey is strained of comb debris almost immediately, as it tends to crystallize very quickly. Mustard honey is high in natural glucose and therefore is normally in semi or fully crystallized state.

Kashmir Acacia Honey

Kashmir Acacia Honey is nutritious, and good for medicinal purposes as it comes from the pollution-free Kashmir valley.

Wild Forest Honey

The honeydew gathered by bees from wild forest trees such as holm oak and cork oak trees. Bees also collect it from rare herbs and wild flora found here. It has a sweeter fragrance when compared to the usual honey.

Fennel Honey

As such pure fennel honey is obtained with great effort. It is naturally ripened Fennel Honey retains all the medicinal and therapeutic benefits associated with Fennel seeds.


Rajasthan Acacia

The honey obtained from the acacia flower. This honey is characterized by having a very light color, almost transparent and a very light texture with a very neutral floral aroma. Also, it does not usually crystallize.

Himalayan Multi flora Honey

From the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, comes a honey that is as pure as the Himalayas. This 100% natural delectable sweet honey, finishes with a dash of floral hints.

Black Forest Honey

Black Forest is honeydew honey, which the bees collect from a liquid secreted by specific insects while absorbing sap from the plant. It has less aroma compared to blossom honey, and it's far richer in water (about 60%), minerals, amino acids, sucrose and fructose.

Coriander Honey

Coriander Honey is made using the nectar from Coriander flowers. Coriander is a common plant but its nectar is highly dependent on weather conditions and so it is very rare to find. HoneyVeda's naturally ripened Coriander Honey retains all the medicinal and therapeutic benefits associated with Coriander.

Berseem Honey

One of the sweetest naturally occurring honey in the world. Berseem honey contains 60-70 percent natural sugars in the form of fructose and glucose

​  An average worker bee makes only about 1/12 teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. At the peak of the honey-gathering season, a strong, healthy hive will have a population of approximately 50,000 bees.

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